Friday, September 03, 2010

i'm back!

since i'm a student again, i guess it's time to continue my chronicle of the horrible things i cook and eat. i'm in a grad program now, which equals even less time to cook than before.

therefore, i have invested in a slow cooker. usually on sundays, i'll make up a giant pot of something to always have at hand for the entire week. this past week, it wa
s chicken soup. unfortunately, this is the only picture of it, before it's cooked. and i'm sure you don't want to see what's left in the pot a week later. a 4 lb chicken, 5 celery stalks, 4 carrots, 1 giant onion, 2 bay leaves, black pepper. now, that was fun without a vegetable peeler or chopping board.


KirkK said...

You're back?? That's great news!

Ted Blackman said...

Not much of a cook, but you win for funniest avatar. ha ha

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