Friday, December 03, 2004

thanksgiving break

it felt so good to go home. (thanks to el numero zeroth capitalist magalomaniac club whore) i strolled around 4-5 miles every day and then just ate and slept. it's funny how so little activity can take up a whole day. i took my books home, but i only made it through a page. foolishness. it was just too relaxing so i packed 'em away and just enjoyed a few days without pressure. since it was just me and QQQ, we had a mini-thanksgiving dinner of cornish game hens instead of turkey. it was deeeeeeeelllllliiiiiiissssshhhhhhooouuuuussss. mm.. and another night, shrimp and anchovy paste-fried rice at The Boat. goulash and spatzel at the jaegerhaus the night i got back. xiaolongbao at green village. oh, and before i left, Roberto's. let's see.. that's german, thai, american, chinese, mexican, and plain ol' home cooking i managed to hit up during the week. probably managed to consume a whole stick of butter from cookies and scones. mmmm.... by the third day, i just wanted to throw up, it was so good.