Saturday, October 29, 2005

in search of sushi

san diego roads remind me of europa. there's a ton of pretty canyons around, but the problem is when the roads that crisscross them are discontinuous or blend together so you can't even tell which direction you're travelling in anymore.

japanese markets always sell their sushi half off an hour or two before closing b/c they can't sell it the next day (as opposed to ralph's nasty bastardized several day old stuff chilling out permanantly fetid unsold). earlier this night, my aptmate and i embarked on an epic journey to find half-off sushi. in typical guy fashion, i thought that i could remember my way to mitsuwa from tagging along with a friend over a month ago. from a different direction and local too. heaven forbid that my inner compass should fail. what ended up happening was that we found the nudie bar district, a harley davidson convention/gathering, several car dealerships, and a hemmorhoid laser care clinic before giving up. we ended up instead at a quiet japanese restaurant we've been to before and had dinner in high style. after all that trouble and the week's worth of problems, it felt really nice to sit down in a comfortable place away from the usual reminders of nagging assignments and just enjoy good food and be waited upon. then peaceful classical music on the way back. although we ended up spending about five times more than we were planning on and an excessive amount of time on such a short trip... it turned out oddly relaxing.

after a quick google back at home it turned out that all the time we circled around, we were ridiculously close to our destination. life is funny.