Saturday, August 27, 2005

marinated cucumber salad, healthy food for lazy ppl

pan-grilled korean shortribs with marinated onions, marinated cucumber salad, rice. i've been too tired, sick, and lazy to cook the past week, so mostly i've been eating horribly healthy stuff like bagels with hummus, cottage cheese, pears, cereal, frozen spinach. i totally lucked out one day at work when i found an almost empty box of veggie pizza and some salad--the remains of some catered business meeting. i'm such a scavenger i bring shame to vultures. mmm... meat is good... hmm.. scabs are not. i think i just ate one that came from a wound on my lip... eck.

Monday, August 08, 2005

liver and onions, taro root

liver and onions. i used the simplest recipe. though i think using some sort of wine or beer in cooking the liver would cover up a bit of the taint if the liver isn't straight off the cow. my aptmates turned visibly green when they saw me playing around with bloody squishy livers.

boiled taros

boil salted water. boil those small horse pucky-like roots of taro for about 10-15 mins. peel. consume with soy sauce.

Friday, August 05, 2005

chicharonnes and lentils

chicharonnes and lentils

2 strips of fresh chicharonnes(fried pork rinds /w meat on) from my local carniceria, cut up into little chunks (discard gratuitous fat but keep that delicious skin...)
.5 bag lentils
3 cloves garlic
a stalk or two of geen onions cut up into .5 in
1 boullion cube
optional ingredients: paprika, chilli peppers, onions, etc. etc.

washed and soaked the lentils a bit before throwing them in a pot with.. uhm.. enough water to cover by... .5-1in water. throw everything else in. boil. turn down heat a bit, cover, and cooked for... 15 mins. or something like that. great with tortillas. great for music.

teriyaki chicken and onions

3-4 boneless skinless chicken tenderloins
1 onion, sliced
for the marinade/sauce: a splash of rice wine, soy sauce, rice vinegar, a dribble of sesame oil, and a good pinch of sugar for the sauce, to taste. it's better to use mirin in place of the sugar and wine though. it's a japanese sweet alcoholic cooking wine. oh, and a smush of garlic

marinated chicken in the sauce for half an hour in the fridge covered. marinated onions seperately too. on med heat in nonstick pan, threw the onions in and cooked, covered, until tender. don't have too much sauce in the pan, b/c it night boil rather than get that saute action. shoved onions to the side of pan, and put the chicken in with medhigh heat. don't overcook chicken. i am always afraid to order it in restuarants b/c it always comes out dry. if you want to make it saucier, pour some more marinade in the center, and stir it around with a pinch of corn starch. corn starch is great b/c it thickens right away at a lower temp. flour needs to be cooked slowly at a high temp.