Sunday, August 29, 2004

pataks mango relish

i'm addicted to pataks mango relish. the overly expensive albertsons here only sells the medium one, so i've been looking for the hot one lately. it's still tasty though. strange that it's called "relish" since this stuff is usually referred to as "pickles". indian pickles. i also bought a jar of ashika's garlic relish (pretyt much cloves of garlic pickled in oil and other spices) but it really sucks. the garlic taste is good and strong, but it's waaaay too salty. i've tried cooking with it, or eating it with bread and other things to tone down the taste, but it's still too salty. not good. i don't have a jar here, but at QQQ's there's a jar of pataks ginger lime marinade paste that tastes pretty good on everything, especially chicken and fried rice. lately, i've been cooking a lot of cabbage b/c it's cheap, and i've found the best way to cook/season it. no amount of sauces or fancy cooking will ever top it being stir-fried plain with a little bit of salt. comes out crunchy with just a little salty to mix with its natural sweetness. using soy sauce and garlic chili paste would come in second. real corned beef with cabbage would probably be somwhere near the top of the list too.. but i haven't really cooked that here. one corned beef brisket for one person would be just a little bit much. i'd be eating it for a week. which wouldn't be that bad, come to think of it. but cabbage is definately not myf avorite vegetable. i think zuchini is currently on the top of my list, over gai lan now. so tender and savory, so hard to mess up. all it needs is to be sliced up, tossed in a pan with some olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper and it's done. and maybe a litle rosemary too for special occasions. hah.. i'm dreaming of food.. but i haven't relaly been cooking much in the past few days. just.. been.. too lazy. with my sleeping patterns going back to normalcy again, it's hard to tell when i'm eating breakfast, lunch or dinner. should i count the cereal i had at noon after sleeping 4 hours as breakfast? or the meal i had after sleeping for 5 hours int he afternoon as breakfast?

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

observations while working as cafeteria staff at a fat camp

soem of those camp LJ kids are sooo unsanitary. people get served, then chagne their minds, and scrape their food back into the pans.. that's just.. not cool, especially when they've been walkng all around with their plates, poking at their food and sniffing at it, and talking over it. one of ther servers.. today she was dipping her fingers (she purposely ripped a hole in her glove for this purpose) into the vat of ranch dressing, and licking it. i didn't want to throw out a whole gallon, so i skimmed off the top... then there's the girl who was serving with one hand, and drinking with the other. another no-no. oh, and the person who was kissing her hand and blowing kisses to ppl in the lines, then using that same gloved hand to serve food. ah, and yesterday was the girl that chugged water straight from the pitcher. other people at her table get water from that too.. not to mention the ppl that will come in after them. i guess germs and passing colds along don't really occur to them.