Sunday, October 22, 2006

it's business time

i've been super busy lately, so i've been eating really nasty crud. or eating out. i'm also ashamed to admit, i have eaten at mcdonalds twice in the past week out of fatigue and convenience.


right after i went to the market. it's vegetable bean beef soup. cooked it really slowly so the brisket didn't get tough. brisket is cheap! yay! ginger in it was not a good idea. it tasted funny, but it provided all the veggies and nutrition i needed. for a week.


i'd left my rice cooker at The Estate and didn't retrieve it until recently. that's why when i had a hankering for fried rice, i had to find a substitute... i needed some sort of grain since i'd run out of bread and pasta, so i cooked up some sausages and chinese leeks... except i didn't have leeks so substituted green onions and put that on top of oatmeal...


a couple stalks of limp celery, and an onion. sauce makes everything taste delicious.


i had cabbage, carrots, and onions. what a luxury. now i only have cabbage to enjoy.


this was from the rare week that i had both fruit and cereal (cheerios) at the same time. just white nectarines and cereal...


i'd run out of both rice and pasta, but i had some canned green beans left for dinner with a granola bar and a pear. oh joy.


i was really really hungry so my roomate offered this masterpiece. it's a hot dog wrapped in pilsbury cruissant dough.. it was delicious. note how gourmet it is. it's a "blackened pig in a blanket"


it's business time, so i packed myself a quick lunch to eat during a study break. pasta, and tossed some frozen chicken into the water to they'd cook at the same time, and some canned green beans. just garlic and olive oil for flavor. exciting huh? i'd run out of cabbage at that point. i'm sure the cabbage would have given it +394 mana.


i filched a slice of chicken pizza from an unsuspecting box that was sitting on the countertop when i hobbled back home during the witching hour. pizza is proven to ward away evil spirits, werewolves, and vampires when drowned in BBQ sauce.

Picture 013

first year, the dorms didn't have any stoves or ovens. there was a broken microwave and a toaster oven that shorted out halfway through the year. this is what i had stashed under my bed in case of emergencies.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

tea broth

for lack of a teapot or pitcher, i make my roasted barly (muji cha) tea in a pot and store it in this classy plastic tupperware-ish thing.


here's some udon sitting in a mixture of 1:1 canned chicken broth and that tea. sounds weird, but it's surprisingly tasty. not too salty, light, and kind of smoky tasting. some more mushrooms. and part of someone's chunk of roast beef. i'm not sure how old or whose it is, but i found it at The Estate and took it back with me thinking it was my frozen foil wrapped hunk of leftover ground beef. and yes, i ate the mystery meat.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

fruit punch sangria

bread, microwaved zuchinni, stircooked brisket. brisket is a bad choice for anything but slow cooking. but i'm hungry and impatient. it wasn't too chewy. add a little water to the bowl of cut up veggies, cover, then microwave. usually a 1 serving size for me is like 3 mins on high. less if it's less dense. the crispy brown thing is fried beef... my aptmate was breading and frying stuff that night. including homemade banana dumplings or whatever they're called.


mushrooms. heated 1-2 tbsp butter in a pan and added 3 cloves of smushed garlic, half a chopped onion, and then 3/4 lb white mushrooms (sliced ~1/4 in thick). sprinkled random dried herbs like savory, basil, celery salt on. after they turned kind of brown and exuded liquid, then added some red wine and cooked until the liquid was almost all evaporated.

chicken. chicken tenders from costco defrosted in microwave, sprinkled some garlic salt on em, tossed into an oiled pan on med-high heat. haven't got the timing right yet. still need to cut 1 open to figure out when it's -just- cooked. i don't like tough chicken.

rosemary bread from la brea bakery via costco.


in the corner you can see my "sangria". i figured that if i was going to have wine out i may as well drink some of it. though mixing it with fruit punch (from kiddy birthday party concentrate) just isn't the same as what the spaniards make... i don't suggest you try it.