Wednesday, June 08, 2005

beef and onion stirfry

so i realized that i'd defrosted some unknown meat a day or so earlier so after coming back from burnout and ready to go to sleep, i had to cook it b/c i was afraid it'd go bad. defrosted meats only keep for like 2 days. less if pork or chicken. found out it was like a 3x4x1 in steak. surprise. a high caliber midnight snack. or tomorrow's lunch...

beef and onion stirfry

1 tbls wine
1-2 tbls soy sauce (or 1worcestershire:1soy)
.5tsp flour (corn starch works better)
half an onion that's been hiding
1 tbls minced garlic
1 tsp sesame oil

cut into thin strips across the grain-- that helps it stay tender and keeps the muscle fibers from contracting up all tough when you cook it.mix everything all up and let marinate for 5 mins. heat on high. dump in, and stiryfry it around until it's good and done--but not too much so it's tender. after it all browns, some blood will ooze out as the insides cook, so it should be ready shortly after that. quite savory, but some zing is missing though... shoulda used a lil bit of citrus.

celery stir fry (a few days ago)

5 stalks celery sliced diagonally half in wide
2 cloves garlic smushed
1 tsp rice wine
~50 ml of this tasty seasoned (w/o salt) chicken broth from henry's. swanson's or kimbo will work too (used the rest to reboil with some leftover brown rice for a light soup)

stiryfry on high or med high. always. should be crisp but slightly translucent when done. usually until the broth is alost all sucked up or reduced. the remainder of that can of broth was used to reboil some leftover brown rice into a thin soup/gruel for the other half of the meal. light and healthy.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

birthday corndog cake

so i wanted to bake a birthday cake for a friend, and i didn't have cake batter.. don't usually bake, but i did have some cornbread mix...

all in one jiffy cornbread hotdog bake. i don't really understand why hotdogs and cornbread sounds gross to people(though i don't like hotdogs much.. i have 'em in excess though =(. i thought that those two, and baked beans, were traditional camp food for ease of cooking. am i an adventurous fooder, or are people now just more picky? that also brings to mind a cook book i found at home. it was printed in the 70s and in it was a recipe similar to my own, in addition to other wonderful delights such as sweetbreads, brains, and stuffed beefhearts. ah.. the good old days when not a bit of animal was wasted. thank goodness i wasn't alive then. some things are tasty, and some are not. actually, i like chicken hearts, gizzards (best ones at Donahue's Golden Fried Chicken in Pomona--hell yeah, a real fried chicken joint) and liver quite a bit, and small intestine isn't bad if prepared the way i like it. but i'm not a fan of large intestine or brains. but i hear brains are still popular in the south. if i were a rich girl sha-na-na-na-na-na... *ahem* and i could choose something fun to study, it'd be the food history. or something like that. so i would like to think-- i'd probably wander back here...

1 package jiffy cornbread mix (1 egg, 1/3 cup milk req.)
2 hotdogs

made cornbread as per instructions on box. cut up hotdogs lengthwise and lined edges of pan with them. pour in batter. bake. done. and guess what? it's highly edible. why shouldn't it?

brown rice and jarred indian hot mango relish.