Tuesday, May 12, 2009


this is food related, so i guess it's allowed here.  if you're not familiar with the SlapChop, it's an infomercial gadget, presented by the guy who does ShamWow!  as well.  curse the remix for being so catchy!


hello there faithful readers.  it's been a year hiatus, but it's never too late to post cell phone pictures of bad food!

i was running late to work and pulled out what i thought was a takeout box of leftover fried rice for lunch, just enough to tide me over til a real lunch after i finished.  i was in a rush so i grabbed the wrong box, of course, and ended up with a container filled with some not-so-good-quality white rice.  an hour before i was supposed to be off, i found out that i'd have to stay longer, so i was stuck with my unappetizing rice.  what's a Bao to do when there's not even a stray soy sauce packet around to flavor restaraunt rice?  the answer is simple:  leftover Cooler Ranch Doritos furikake!

i only had the doritos b/c they were past their "fresh" date and therefore no one but me wanted to eat them.  before you ask, no, it didn't taste gross.  after crushing them in the bag for tiny pieces, the chips were just crunchy enough to add some texture and the savory cool ranch flavor went quite well with the rice.

other chip flavors that would compliment rice well:
nacho cheese
sour cream and onion

flavors that would not taste good:
mesquite bbq
dill pickle (pringles now makes these)
chili cheese
sweet potato

anyone with what they think would taste good rice rice?  bugles perhaps?