Thursday, December 07, 2006

the finals crunch

haven't really been cooking anything moderately time consuming or complicated (aka more than 1 ingredient) this quarter 'cause it's been super busy with school, work, extracurriculars, etc. don't think i've had a quarter with this much multitasking before. or been very motivated to cook. it's kind of boring cooking for myself at times, 'cause my usually primary goal is to just make something nutritious and filling FAST. sorry, racheal ray, your 30 minute meals aren't quick enough. can we cut it down to 5? therefore i've been eating a lot of cereal, bread, pasta, exploded hotdogs, frozen dumplings, and other boring yet filling repeats. plus coffee. i don't like drinking too much coffee, but i can't stand that acrid instant stuff anymore so i'm thinking of buying a coffeemaker. i was so against having bad bad caffiene close at hand that i actually turned down a coffeemaker one year. i doubt i will buy Luwak "processed" coffee though.

anyhoo, i always try get in a good amount of nutrients at some point of the day and eat balanced food, even if it sucks. so here's some very unappealing pictures of food. forgive how i always post in a largish size rather than thumbs. until someone has a solution that takes less than 30 seconds, they're simply too much work for lazy me.

baked monterey jack quesadillas and a hardboiled egg. the black spots are ants. i like the protein on protein crunch.

12-07-06 001

some of that mutigrain hot cereal that i finally had the patience to stir every 5 mins on low for half an hour. with a large dollop of strawberry jam and butter. i should make a photo album of just porridges, gruels, and congees. it'd be exciting.

12-07-06 002

the promised frozen dumplings, wood ear and pork. some really delicious premade dumpling sauce. and some pork and beans. gotta get the fiber from somewhere...

12-07-06 013

look what happens when i invite a friend over to study and for dinner. they get the star treatment of eating canned/prepared food on the floor of my room on a pile of newspapers. some persian cucumbers, fried spam, kimchi, and hot fully baked par-baked bread from TJ. Are you thinking Tijuana?

12-07-06 017

surprise surprise. the rest of the loaf, some more persian cucumbers, and a turkey drumette i hoarded with me from thanksgiving. ok, so you've got 5 dollars in your pocket and you walk into your choice of an overpriced Ralph's or a slightly frou frou new age Trader Joe's. you get to choose one carb, and 1 veg/fruit. what do you choose? for me it was a pound and a half of persian cucumbers and a loaf of parbaked bread. that was some good bread and cucumbers. i could eat that for two days straight, literally.

12-07-06 019

a baked natural casing hot dog, more pork and beans (can you tell i bought the super large can size?), and some plain XO stirfried pasta (repeat with udon... rice... [carb]...). my roomate tried canned pork and beans for the first time... she hadn't tried them before b/c she told me they were considered hick where she was from.

12-07-06 020

BBQ baked chicken, greenbeans in a tomato garlic mush, and quesadillas x 5 were the most elaborate i got in a while and i didn't even take a picture.

snacktime! apples, blackberries, and sliced up radishes.

12-07-06 021

do you think this is a message?